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With realtek’s newest drivers, I get Mbps in ethtools and as real speed. Also, this was not an issue when I was running I had this running with the blob from Realtek. Only getting Mbs reported from ethtool and my file transfers are godawful. I also had to do some update so the machine loaded loaded the newest drivers everytime I reboot.

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[SOLVED] Realtek r, only Mbps [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Deprecated by ethtool 8. I had a very similar problem to yours, but now mine has got much worse.

I’ve now also tried to remove the power from the computer as some have suggested for Realtek chips, without any luck: It’s pretty irritating that Ubuntu breaks when it updates. Maybe it’s the virtual adapters causing realtek 8110sc gigabit lan.

Sorry for wasting your time! With the blob r all was fine – now this. I have read something about virtualbox.

Realtek network drivers for RTL/ and Windows XP 32bit

The connection then worked at mbit. I’m connected to a Linksys 5 port gig switch. Some outputs people might be interested in: Found a command which might help.


I noticed the transfer speed to my server had dropped, to about 7mbit, so went down there and connection details gigavit it was connected at 10mbit, while the router light realtek 8110sc gigabit lan green, indicating 1gbit.

OK, I feel stupid now. I tried reinstalling the realtek 8110sc gigabit lan, and restarted a couple of times, still no luck. I’ve updated the drivers to newest 6. I get 1 Gbps with a fresh system with my new motherboard.

The system is Ubuntu Server It loads r, which has always worked.

Realtek driver for RTL8169/8110 and Windows 7 32bit

I’ve got the same issue running Mbps. I also had to do some update so the machine loaded loaded the newest drivers everytime I reboot. I’ve updated it in blacklist. Tried with Ubuntu Desktop Symmetric Receive-only Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes Advertised link modes: Now with the latest Ubuntu Now Realtek 8110sc gigabit lan having trouble with getting r to run at How do you guys update the driver?


Do your card work with 1 Gbps speed, or just Mbps? Unsafe on 32 bit PCI slot. Also, this was not an issue when I was realtek 8110sc gigabit lan Copy breakpoint for copy-only-tiny-frames int parm: The server is attached to a gigabit switch, with 8110scc internet modem attached to the switch.

Today, I turned it on, went back ,an to access the media server, and couldn’t find it. I’ll set as ‘solved’ when I get the motherboard and get it to work.

Thanks for your reply.