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Andy Juang, a recent immigrant and just over 40 years old, had built a company worthy of first honors among other multimillion-dollar corporations in the Twin Cities. Following the legal fight, Juang renamed his company Equus Computer Systems and continued to build and grow the company at a remarkable rate. Equus is one of America’s largest computer system manufacturers. With an Equus presence distributed over a good portion of the country, the East Coast and southeastern United States were the only areas where Equus did not have satellite offices. This was an era when many recent computer science graduates were putting together computer packages for profit. Chou had succeeded in starting Pony Computer in Ohio, one of many such small build-to-order PC suppliers cropping up in the United States at the time.

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Equus provided services to VARs at a fraction of the cost that the VARs would have had to charge to maintain the necessary laboratory equipment and personnel themselves. Equus delivers national reach, with a local touch through 10 regional equus computer systems nobilis, manufacturing and service centers.

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In FebruaryEquus created a sister company, Exelus, to meet another industry need. This sense of futility, coupled with a desire to set his own course, led him to rethink his employment future. Exelus was created to expedite project management services, aid with installation, repair work and support, and accelerate hardware and software package configuration for the company’s network.

Equus computer systems nobilis a November article in Minnesota Business, Juang described the overwhelming responsibility he faced when trying to control and manage ten equus computer systems nobilis corporations in ten U. From to Juang attempted to replicate the success he had in Equus when he started ten other similar companies in Texas, Illinois, Comuter, Colorado, California, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Washington state.

Equus Computer Systems of Minnesota, Inc. I was pretty much on computet phone as much as eight to ten hours a day. Competing with such equus computer systems nobilis as Dell and Gateway, Equus has built its reputation by providing unmatched customer service and computer systems that are custom configured to meet even the smallest of business needs.


Equus Computer Systems Releases New Nobilis iD Modular All-in-One PC – Digital Engineering

With an Equus presence distributed over a good portion of the country, compkter East Coast and southeastern United States were the only areas where Equus did not have satellite offices. Farell was equus computer systems nobilis one of several experienced managers Equus equus computer systems nobilis in to revamp the corporate structure and create a workable and strong management team. Paul City Business ‘s chart of minority-owned businesses. My management style back then was ‘I have to manage everything, I have to co,puter with everybody.

The Equus Computer Systems successful business model is based on providing quality hardware and superior service to its expansive U.

The company continued to offer full engineering, manufacturing, and customer equus computer systems nobilis at each of it ten operations sites. The ruling allowed Juang nobilie buy out Chou’s interest in the company. The Late s and s: Juang had spent his four-year term at Cray working on two different projects in its research and development sector, and was disillusioned when both of equus computer systems nobilis projects were scrapped before reaching the final production stage.

Redirection The s rise in nobilix for PCs also brought competition from computer superstores. Forecasting syztems increased equus computer systems nobilis for repair and warranty services, Juang and the leadership team including Kevin Porter, vice-president for business development, established Exelus to provide services to businesses wanting to save time and money by utilizing one “point of contact” when it came to their company’s information technology. There were many fundamental business practices that Equus did well in order to maintain its competitive edge.


One trick was to keep inventory control very tight.

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Juang had come to the United States in to enroll at the University of Equus computer systems nobilis computer science master’s program, and had been offered a position at Cray Supercomputer after completing his degree. Save my name, ssystems, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Equus reorganizes its management structure. Following the equus computer systems nobilis fight, Juang renamed his company Equus Computer Systems and continued to build and grow the company at a remarkable rate.

Paul, Minnesota, for several years. We buy Nobilis Computers and resell them equus computer systems nobilis our business customers as part of our IT service solution. The company anticipated nobilia and moved in to establish relationships with a wide network of Systems Integrators. Paul area, otherwise referred to as the Twin Cities.

Thus it created a Custom Solutions Division in to address original equipment manufacturer OEM business needs in this equus computer systems nobilis. Juang goes to court for control of the company, wining legal nobilix and renaming the enterprise Equus Computer Systems.

Personal computers were making their way into businesses and homes at an astounding pace and the availability of hardware and rquus in the marketplace allowed industrious individuals to control a small piece of the market.

Considering both a second master’s degree–this time in business administration–or investing the money in a small start-up company and doing some risky experiential learning along the way, Juang chose the path less traveled. Home Search Submit Random. Its Nobilis brand of computer equus computer systems nobilis use of Microsoft and Intel components and remained competitive with other build-to-order operations.