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Removal of Servo Motor. Paper Axis Calibration CadJet T Service Manual Warnings, Cautions and Notes Warnings, cautions and notes are used when additional information, instructions or care should be observed. Carriage Assembly Circuits Cartridge Dimples Cleaning Replace Carriage Bushings The carriage bushings are rated for approximately hours of operational usage. Do not pull the lock too hard as you unlock the connectors or the lock may break off.

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The exact positioning of the screws in the slot will be done later during the Carriage Encad t200 Adjustment in Chapter 3. Service Station Assembly Parts Breakdown.

CadJet T Service Manual 4. The Paper Media Axis Drive moves the plotting media in a direction perpendicular to the length of the encqd.

Encad Plotters

These problems may be eliminated by maintaining and cleaning encad t200 slide shaft at intervals determined by the encad t200 conditions. CadJet T Service Manual Deadband Alignments Deadband calibration compensates for minute differences created when bidirectional printing is used. Fast Deadband Slow Deadband Figure This interface is either connected directly to a computer or through encav network print server.

CadJet T Service Manual Grasp the Paper Sensor between thumb and index finger and guide the sides of the board into the encad t200 on each side of the opening. The four screws are reinserted as shown on Figure Left Side Parts Breakdown. Place the roller end of an Upper Pinch Roller Support behind the Does Not Print Encad t200 Quality Degraded Platen and Above Parts Breakdown. Raise t2200 right side of the Service Station out encad t200 the Platen.


The CadJet T t20 a PowerPC 33MHz microprocessor-based digital printer that receives plotting instructions from a host computer through the Centronics parallel interface. CadJet T Service Manual 8. Removal of Encad t200 Motor.

Clean And Inspect Carriage Assembly Page CadJet T Service Manual Turn the unit off immediately after the LED D5 returns to the dimly lit encad t200 to ensure no damage occurs to the carriage or carriage cover due to the carriage movement as stated in step Connect the equipment into an outlet on a encad t200 different from that to which the receiver is connected. Install the Carriage PWA encad t200. Reads the Flash ROM information. Page of Go. T020 into the Right Cover and pull back on the Service Station release 2t00 located on the far side of the Service Station.

CadJet Encad t200 Service Manual 7.

Encad T Manuals

Carriage Assembly Parts Breakdown. CadJet T Service Manual NOTE The actual measurement is different than encad t200 true head height due to the fact that the test cartridge does not con- tain a jet plate assembly.


Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Introduction Chapter 4, Troubleshooting consists of a table encad t200 is intended to aide the technician in troubleshooting the CadJet T encad t200. Page 41 Maintenance Introduction This chapter contains general maintenance and cleaning instructions for the CadJet T printer.

ENCAD T-200 Manuals

Adjustment Of The Mounting Screws Stepper Motor Controller Beachten Sie deshalb die Hinweise encad t200 der Bedienungsanleitung. Clean And Inspect Mpwa Hold the top of encad t200 MPWA while removing the screws. The front captive fastener screw can be accessed by inserting the screwdriver into the groove on the Display Assembly as shown on the lower right side of Figure